Lola – My Little Girl

Lola is one of my first reborn girls. She is premature size and fits into “tiny baby”. 

For a premature baby she has smiled so much since the minute she was reborned. 

She had a quick wimper when she came home but nothing too dramatic. 

She weighs around 2lb but gets stronger every day. The more milk she drinks the more the doctor said she will improve. 

Luckily for myself and Alex she sleeps through the night, as Alex works shifts and occasional on call it means he needs all the sleep he can get. 

She fits down the length of my arm from top to bottom, just to show how little she is. 

I take her for another check up next week to see how much weight she has put on, get first jabs and shots to make sure she is as healthy as can be. 

I will keep you upto date on Lola’s progress!

Love Carrie 


Reborning, The Art Of

Good Morning, 

I have decided to let you into a little piece of my world. 

Ever since I was a little girl I have always played with dolls, enjoyed being “teacher”, enjoyed being “mom” and occasionally dressing my younger brother up!

Most girls let this go when they start at secondary school, I didn’t. I carried on until I was about 16. Not having friends as such this meant to me that it didn’t matter as nobody could poke fun at me until they found out that is. I was a very gullible little soul and didn’t want to keep things from people as I felt dishonesty was wrong, something else I learnt quite quickly. 

I only recently started picking this back up again recently. I’m settled in a loving relationship with Alex and we’re really happy. The trouble is that my biological clock is ticking away going “for the love of god Carrie, what are you doing?! you turn 29 this time!”

Basically i’m panicking.

Then my sensible head kicks in and says “woah Carrie are you sure? Big step, big commitment!” Plenty of years for that it keeps telling me. 

So for now i’m listening to my sensible side. However, it doesn’t stop me being a reborn mom. 

Reborning is something that from what I can gather has been round for some years but only discovered by myself very recently. They are dolls made to look like real babies. 

The more i’ve delved into it the more i’ve tried to find more and more realistic ones. 

I currently have 3 girls of whom i’ll go into more detail about in another post. 

For now i’d like to pose a question to my readers.. what do you think of reborning? 

Let me know, i’d love to hear from you. 

Love Carrie xx


Update January 16th

Good morning all, 

While I sit here sipping my tea in my mug just thought I’d update you on my weekend just gone and my week to come!

Friday night my partner and I went to see Inflames, Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold. We missed Inflames (traffic) saw Disturbed and I can categorically say I’d travel half way across the world to see them amazing! Avenged Sevenfold were good just a bit quiet.. I’ve been to gigs and my ears have rung afterwards. I almost thought I was going deaf I kid you not. 
Saturday I spent most of it in bed! A combination of lack of sleep and a returning cold 😒 but I did have amazing steak for tea and watched Game Of Thrones! (Seriously hooked!)

Sunday my partner’s family came over for Sunday Dinner and do you know what? I felt so in control like I’d got this! Empty plates and full tummies must of been a good sign! I did have some pudding but I’d worked hard I’d earned it!

This week I’ve got my weigh in for Slimming World and I am determined to lose!! We have a meal with friends on Saturday all being well they make a speedy recovery. Sunday we go to my Nephew’s christening 🙂 Lincoln is beautiful!

So a fun packed week!

Ciao for now xxx 

New Year’s Resolutions

 Good afternoon everybody, so we’re part way through January and all those New Year Resolutions are in full swing.

My New Year’s Resolutions are as follows:

·         To see family more

·         To become more organised

·         Lose my weight

So far I’ve managed to achieve the first one, a week or so ago I was extremely ill but managed to see my family and then got them all round this weekend!

My more Organised promise, *sigh* I’m really struggling due to the influx of gifts I had over Christmas they’re kind of congregating in the middle of my room waiting to be used. Does anyone have any suggestions?

My 3rd one was going really well. I lost 4lb before Christmas which gave me a head start. Over Christmas and new year I gained 3lb and then weigh in Tuesday I was a pound up as well so I’m back to before I weighed in before Christmas (4lb heavier).

I’m not alone by any stretch but I want to make this my year where my weight drops off and then everything else I feel will drop into place.

I refuse to buy anymore clothes until my weight has gone. I feel this will also have a knock on effect to my confidence as well (hoping it will go up).

If your new Year’s resolution is to lose weight, well done, you’ve taken a positive step to Self Improvement.

How is everyone else finding it?

Thoughts on a postcard!

Carrie xx

Aunt Flo!

Ah where to start.. possibly a disclaimer or warning – this may be a TMI post but from my understanding even now in the 21st century we are still keeping this subject hush! Why? A great percentage of the population are female and things over the years develop and change and it’s good to share!

So cast your minds back to being 13 in secondary school and all of a sudden your monthlies hit you like a run away train! Your all developing at different rates too and being one of the oldest in the year you tend to get it all first! So it began with intense stomach pain, luckily I was off school my nan when she was alive god bless her was the first one to know she looked after me.. I called my mom and told her and I cried. Not sure if it was relief or scared or what it was. 

They carried on horrendously until I was 16 and then I went to the docs had a chat and was put on the pill Microgynon 30. Looking back it was the worst thing I’d done! It didn’t suit me to cut a long story short. 

Put on a different pill months later again didn’t suit me. I then went on the injection (provera) I was on that for 12 months then got the implant. 

Ladies/Girls my experience with this method of contraceptive wasn’t the best. It was very interfering with life for me anyway. I went back on the injection and that’s what I stayed on until August 2016. 

I then had the coil fitted as I was told it sort of helped with the hormone imbalances etc. It does work I just didn’t feel comfortable with it so I had it out in October. 

I’ve been contraceptive free for almost 3 months and I was convinced my periods were not coming back how wrong I was! 

They came back with avengence with Pain following on like a little side army. My coping methods were as follows:

  • Paracetamol regularly (4 hours)
  • Buscopan
  • Hot water bottle/heat packs
  • Chocolate (Dark)
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Loose clothing
  • Warm baths
  • Plenty of z’s 

    I hope this helps any of you lovely ladies who are suffering! 

    Let me know if this is helpful

    Carrie x

    My Blog 

    Hello and welcome to my blog it’s going to be about a myriad of things from all things Girl and woman to diets, tried and tested products and much more!

    If your interested let me know and I’ll post more! 


    Carrie x