Letter to my reflection

Dear Carrie,

i just wanted to tell you how proud of you I am today. Your will and determination has well and truly shined through today go you!

So let’s break your day down for you Hun!

today you have managed to:

  • Spend time you wanted to relaxing.
  • You had fun with the rabbit this afternoon while topping up your vitamin D in the sun.
  • You got ready in a timely fashion and my my Miss Penn you looked lovely! Even your fella commented on it.. gotta be a good thing right?
  • Youve drunken a tonne today, yeah piddling every couple of seconds has been a bit of a bind but hey it’s not killing you it’s just annoying. It will pass trust me!
  • You’ve been out and about today visiting family and having lunch with them which you did really bloody well by the way, I thought your determination and your will power got you through. Sure that apple strudel looked nice ¬†and all but think of it another way, while your getting fitter and not eating puddings like this the weight will drop off you and you’ll be a hundred times better.
  • You will stop sweating, aching, feeling tired and you will be more confident in yourself which you need.
  • You had fruit you love fruit, yeah I know what your saying your stomachs is sensitive yada yada yada.. pop a buscopan and some paracetamol and crack on.
  • You refused wine… good on you.

Basically what I’m trying to say is I’m proud.. your first social event as a newly reformed woman come on you can do it!

Now the rest of the week is going to be very much rinse and repeat but for the love of god stay on plan! If that food diary is not with you write it down.

You got this Carrie I know you have!

Do you have any social events this week that may stop you from achieving your goal?

Nope you haven’t go get em tiger!

I look forward to hear from you xxx